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Udayanidhi Stalin provides incentives for getting vaccinated

- June 28, 2021

Chennai, June 28(BPNS)

The rising scion of the DMK and son of Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin, Udayanidhi Stalin who is the MLA from Chepauk- Thiruvallikeni constituency is providing kits and other incentives for people of his constituency as well as from surrounding areas to get vaccinated.

Already more than 90,000 people from the area have been vaccinated, according to a health official in the Chepauk area. This includes people from the adjacent constituency also.

Muthumanikkam, DMK local leader in Chepauk –Thiruvallikeni constituency while speaking to BPNS said,” Udayanidhi Stalin is a very caring young man and once he found that there was hesitancy on the part of the people to get vaccinated, he started door to door campaign and also offered them kits which comprise of rice, edible oil, wheat flour, and condiments”.

Two vaccination camps, one in Chepauk and the other in Triplicane are being organized on a regular basis. Udayanidhi is personally visiting the houses and requesting them to take part in the vaccination drive which has yielded results.

Sometimes people don’t come to vaccination camps citing umpteen reasons and some people show hesitancy to getting inoculated. A health official with the Urban Primary Health centre in Chepauk while speaking to BPNS said, “As soon as the figures of those who gets inoculated comes down, the MLA office contacts us and Udayanidhi  Stalin makes it a point that he reaches that area where the vaccine figures have come down and try and meet as many residents as possible to convince them to get vaccinated. He has already gained a lot of appreciation from the local people over this gesture. Convincing the poor people who do not know the vaccination benefits is very important and Udayanidhi being a former movie star is well accepted among the locals and hence people listen to him.”

In addition to his star power and his status as an MLA ,the free kits which Udayanidhi Stalin is handing over is a major attraction for people to get vaccinated.

He is also distributing iron boxes, sewing machines, and bicycles to students as part of his reach-out programs to people and this has become an instant hit among the local population.