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Intelligence on high alert in Tamil Nadu, Kerala on possible drone intrusions

- July 4, 2021

Chennai, July 4(BPNS)

The Central intelligence agencies are on high alert in Tamil Nadu and Kerala after the twin  drone attack at  Air force technical airport in Jammu on June 27, damaging the airport and inflicting minor injuries on a couple of soldiers.

Central agencies, according to highly placed sources have tipped the police of both Tamil Nadu and Kerala to be alert and to be prepared for intrusions into the states with certain terror groups exploring the possibilities of using drones.

After the Chinese take over of Hantanbotta port in Sri Lanka, the coast guard and Indian Navy intelligence has been on high alert over the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and in southern belts of Kerala.

While the security agencies were able to foil the drone attacks in the Jammu area, the cost of intercepting these drones are high and several states are ill-equipped in this technology . Already defense establishment has opened discussions with the Israeli defense establishments for the supply of high-end drone interceptors as Israel is the global leader in this technology.

The intelligence agencies have warned both the Tamil Nadu and Kerala governments and security agencies of these states as, according to sources, the agencies received tips of certain terror outfits from across the border preparing themselves for such attacks. Even as India has opened backchannel discussions or Track 2 diplomacy with the Taliban fighters of Afghanisthan following the systematic withdrawal of US forces from that country, the intelligence agencies are not leaving any possibilities and has recommended the southern states to be on high alert.

The sea coast of Kerala and Tamil Nadu has been on the intelligence radar for a few months and with the drone attack on Jammu, the agencies have intensified the surveillance on these two states.

It may be noted that the intelligence agencies have warned of certain homegrown terror movements in both these states and the large exodus of terrorists to Syria and Afghanistan from Kerala had led to the central agencies always keeping a high alert on the state. The presence of organisations like Al- Umma and its activities in districts like Coimbatore, Trichy, Kanyakumari, and other southern districts of Tamil Nadu has also been closely monitored by the central agencies.

The ascend of DMK government in Tamil Nadu has fanned up the ultra Tamil movements of the state and several pro-LTTE organisations have issued statements and the demand for the release of the convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case has also become more and the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has already written a letter to the President of India for the pardon of these convicts.

Taking these factors into consideration, the agencies do not want to take any chance and to be prepared for any eventuality and several individuals and organisations – even paper organisations are under the radar.