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Co-optex to produce organic wear for children, eyeing global markets

- July 17, 2021

Chennai, July 16(BPNS)

The Tamil Nadu handloom weavers cooperative society or Co-optex is planning organic wear for children and to scout for global markets. The cooperative which has more than 1000 handloom weaver societies under it is planning to branch out as the sale of traditional sarees which the cooperative have been producing has come down as more and more women are foraying into other dress codes.

Tamil Nadu minister for textiles and handlooms, R Gandhi while speaking to BPNS said, “ The Cooptex is planning to make organic garments for children and is approaching international buyers. We are also making efforts to promote khadi products among the young generation as well as among the government employees.”

The department is planning to target the high-income groups and urban natives who are exploring possibilities of organic wear. Sushama Mohan, an IT employee working with an MNC while speaking to IANS said,” Yes I prefer organic wear for children, and if a respected brand like Co-optex is venturing into that market people will gleefully buy, given the fact that this handloom cooperative is a name that is recognized in every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu”.

The department is according to officials in the process of getting certification for its organic products as the international market requires proper recognized and accredited certification. A senior officer with the Cooptex while speaking to BPNS said, “We are now in the process of getting certification for the organic clothing line for children. The department is trying to bring in customers from all the age groups and is in the process of preparing more organic dyed products.”

The raw materials for the organic cloth lines will be purchased from Pollachi and surrounding areas and an official said that the organic children’s wear and other new products from Cooptex stable will hit the market either during Diwali or Pongal according to the certification it gets.

Co-optex is also planning to market the product in Western developed countries as well as in the middle east, Singapore, and Malaysia for potential buyers. The Indian diaspora in these countries, as well as the local populace, will be targeted in a high voltage campaign, Co-optex is planning to carry out in the near future.