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Security beefed up in Madurai over RSS chief’s four-day visit

- July 22, 2021

Chennai, July 22(BPNS)

Security in Madurai town and surrounding areas have been beefed up following the four-day visit of the RSS Sarsangachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat to the city. The RSS leader has reached Madurai and will be staying at Sai Nagar in the city for four days till Monday.

Highly placed sources in the Central Intelligence agencies told IANS that the agencies have already provided information on the necessity for high security in Tamil Nadu for the RSS chief who is a “Z” category protectee of the Union home ministry.

The intelligence has warned the Tamil Nadu police on the presence of several Islamic organisations, both known and unknown, and many of them have links with some ultra-left organisations. The central agencies, according to sources had informed the Tamil Nadu government and home department to provide more security to the RSS chief than that is provided for a “Z” category VIP.

In a related development a Zonal Assistant commissioner with the Madurai corporation, S. Shanmugham was shunted out from his present post following his instructions to fix the street lights on the route of the RSS chief as well as the damaged roads during the visit of the RSS head. While the circular was an internal communication, the Madurai MP, Su Venkatesan took it on Twitter and demanded an explanation from the Madurai corporation and the district administration.

The order was issued to all zonal officials on July 20 directing them to clear all the damages in the road through which the RSS chief would travel as well as fix the street lights during the visit and stay of the Sarsangachalak. He also instructed officials to halt all other road renovation work during the scheduled time.

The RSS chief will be attending functions at the Saibaba Temple in Sathya Sai Nagar on Zone 4 from July 22 to July 26. The central agencies have alerted the state government that several Ultra Tamil Nationalist groups are functioning in Madurai and outskirts as well as some organisations that are banned.

The RSS chief will be meeting the prominent people of Madurai on Sunday, July 25 and will share the vision of the sangha and its position in various contentious issues, which were used by several organisations to beat the RSS with.

The Madurai corporation commissioner KP Karthikeyan however said that no special arrangements were carried out for the visit of RSS chief and that no special work was carried out.

The corporation has already issued a notice to the Zonal Assistant Commissioner relieving him of the present duties. K.P. Karthikeyan while speaking to IANS said, “ We have already relieved the Assistant commissioner from the duty and an explanation is sought from him on acting unilaterally in the matter.”

Central agencies have already taken note of the protest that has risen upon the visit of the RSS chief and the prompt action taken by the Madurai corporation by shunting out an Assistant Commissioner who had ordered to fix street light during the visit of the Sarsangachalak. The protest of several ultra-left movements in Twitter is also been taken seriously by the intelligence and has communicated to the state police to look out for individuals and organisations that can foment trouble during the VVIP visit.