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Demand for admission in Chennai Corporation schools on the high following Pandemic

- July 23, 2021

Chennai, July 23(BPNS)

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown several people out of jobs, especially those who are self-employed and others employed in private firms. While in some cases bot the husband and wife are suffering from job losses, in some other cases either one of the family is working.

The pandemic and job losses have led to people cutting short their expenses and the first one is to get a transfer to their children studying in average and above-average private schools. However, thankfully, the Greater Chennai Corporation has good schools being run by it and with excellent infrastructure.

According to D. Sneha, Deputy Commissioner Education, the admission to schools in the Corporation which commenced on June 14 has crossed the 1 lakh mark. This is a high figure as far as the Chennai standards are concerned with most of the middle class preferring a private school to the corporation school even though having to pay a huge sum at the private facility. Generally, 80,000 to 90,000 students join the corporation schools in a year.

Murugesan Pandian, an employee with a well-known supermarket chain in Chennai lost his job during the first wave of the pandemic and is currently jobless. However, his wife is working and they have a small flat to live at Valsaravakkam in the outskirts of the city. Their only son was studying in 3 rd standard but have to shift the boy to the corporation school due to the financial woes.

The school and premises gave fresh hope to Murugesan and his wife Kavitha as the infrastructure in the school were excellent and there was no fee.

More and more parents are now taking the route taken by Murugesan as Corporation schools have excellent infrastructure and one of the best faculty to teach the students.

Manikantan, a teacher with a corporation school while speaking to BPNS said, “When you hear the name Corporation school, you will think of the old dilapidated structure, but it is different and all the corporation schools have excellent facilities for the children and we have good teachers. Hence the children will get quality education at zero cost and hence more and more parents are bringing their children to corporation schools.”

With the admission to the corporation schools open till September, there are possibilities of more and more parents putting their children to these schools.