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Tamil Nadu to promote Thermal power projects

- July 23, 2021

Chennai, July 23(BPNS)

The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedo) which is the organization involved in the generation and distribution of power, will be speeding up the thermal power projects in the state.

This is following the directive of the Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin, in a meeting with the state power minister Senthil Balaji, TANGEDO Managing Director, Rajesh Lokhani and Chairman of  Tangedo Dharmendra Pratap Yadav, and other officials. Chief Minister had directed the officials to speed up on the coal-based thermal power projects.

Stalin has also told officials in an Energy review meet to study the viability of long-term coal import agreements instead of the annual agreements to reduce the import cost.

The Chief Minister also asked the officials to study in detail the transport of coal.

Highly placed officials in Tangedo while speaking to BPNS said that the department is trying to have a tie-up with power plants near Coal mines to generate electricity for the state.

The Tangedo is also planning to achieve the target of 20,000 megawatts of renewable energy as directed by the Chief Minister in the review meeting of Energy department.

The energy department had also taken several measures to reduce the cost-cutting and losses of energy and according to a report by the department it has saved energy to the tune of Rs 1,593 crores by cost-cutting measures. Chief Minister has also congratulated the department on the extensive measures taken to reduce the costs and other unnecessary wastage of power.

Chief Minister’s office has in a statement on Thursday directed the officials of Tangedo and state energy department to focus more on Thermal power.