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Number of RT-PCR testing increasing in Tamil Nadu, Health minister

- August 7, 2021

Chennai, August 6(BPNS)

Tamil Nadu health minister, Ma Subramanian has said that the number of testing for Covid -19 pandemic is increasing in the state. The minister said that on Thursday the state has conducted 1.58 lakh RT-PCR tests and added that Tamil Nadu is testing more than 1.5 lakh samples a day.

Ma Subramanian said that even as the difference in the total number of Covid -19 cases swing between a margin of 30-50 cases a day, the number of RT-PCR tests is on the rise in the state. He said that the Test Positivity Rate of the state is stable at 1.2%.

The State health minister while speaking to BPNS said, “We have conducted 1.58 lakh RT-PCR tests on Thursday. This is a good figure and in India Tamil Nadu is the only state that conducts more than 1.5 lakh tests per day.”

Ma Subramanian also said that measures are taken to test people coming from Kerala and in the two main railways stations of Peramumbur and Chennai Central there are facilities for testing Covid -19 cases.

Tamil Nadu health minister also said that 2.5 crore people in the state have received at least one dose of vaccine. He however added up and said that 60 lakh people are fully vaccinated in the state.

Ma Subramanian said that the state has so far received 2,28,01,650 doses of vaccine and of this 2,26,01,212 vaccines were administered to the people of the state. He said that the state of Tamil Nadu has 8,26,250 doses of vaccine in hand as of  Thursday night and is expecting 3.30 lakh doses of the Covishield vaccine by Friday.

The state health minister said,” We will have 11 lakh doses of vaccines and this will see us through for two to three days.”

He said that the state is receiving more quantity of vaccines owing to the performance of the government. He said, “ If the Union government provides us additional doses of vaccines, we will cross a coverage of 3.5 crore doses of vaccine this month.”