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Grandfather, uncle, brother sexually assault seven-year-old girl

- August 12, 2021

Chennai, August 12 (BPNS)

A 62-year-old person who is the grandfather of a seven-year-old girl was arrested by the police after he was accused of sexually assaulting the child.

His son and the girl’s 16-year-old brother were also arrested in the case of having assaulted the child on different occasions. The incident occurred at the 62-year-old man’s residence at Madippakam near Chennai.

Police said that the grandfather brought his grandchildren home after his daughter was busy with work and children were having online classes. His son was also staying with him.

The police said that on August 2 at night, grandfather who was sleeping beside her sexually assaulted her. Alarmed the child went to her uncle’s room and in the guise of pacifying her, the man also misbehaved with her.

The girl then turned to her 16-year-old brother for help who also sexually assaulted her.

When the girl’s mother visited the children on Sunday, August 8, she found that the daughter had fallen sick and she took the child to a doctor. The seven-year-old girl narrated the sexual ordeal at the hospital and on medical check-up, it was confirmed that the child was sexually abused.

The mother lodged a complaint with the Madippakam all-woman police station. Police registered a case under Pocso Act. Grandfather and her uncle were sent to jail while her 16-year-old brother was sent to a correctional facility.