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Tamil Nadu government commences preparations to enact legislation to cancel fake land deals

- August 18, 2021

Chennai, August 18 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu government has commenced preparations to enact legislation for canceling fake land deals. The state finance minister PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan had on Tuesday told the state assembly that the government would bring in legislation to cancel the fake land deals.

The state revenue department has commenced preparations and consultations with the legal experts and a meeting of the land revenue officers in the state would be held soon.

The minister has also said that almost 5% of government land in Tamil Nadu is under illegal occupation and that the bill would be introduced to reclaim this illegal occupation and to cancel the fake land deals.

He also said that the proposed law would provide provisions to take retrospective action against those who had  registered documents illegally.

The state government is also planning to develop a GPS linked land management system with a database for a comprehensive understanding of the government land available.

A new legislation has to be brought in the state assembly as the sub registrars do not have the power to correct fake registrations and the new bill would provide the required power to the Inspector General of Registration to cancel those illegal registrations.

The Comptroller and Auditor (CAG) report has stated that 2.05 lakh hectares of Government land is encroached and government records state that in Chennai city alone 23% of the government land is illegally occupied.

The state land records commissioner’s office and the Inspector General of Registration’s office has informed the government that the land records state that even land leased out during the British period were not reclaimed by the state.