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Kerala based literary company to conduct India’s first Green festival in Bangalore

- September 19, 2021

Kerala based literary company to conduct India’s first Green festival in Bangalore

Thiruvananthapuram, Sept 17 

Kerala based literary group, Carpus Media will be conducting a three day Green Festival in Bangalore in early 2022 which according to organisers will be the first literary festival of the country focusing on climate literature, climate change, and renewable energy.

The three day festival named, “Green Festival”, will have key-note speeches by national and international subject experts and absorbing conversations on the geopolitics of climate change, green funds, the global pursuit of green hydrogen and renewable energy and its socio-economic challenges.

Sabin Iqbal, writer and novelist who has curated several International literary festivals said,” The world we live in is changing, culturally and climatically and even literature of the time reflects it with writers around the world writing what is called climate fiction or cli-fi, and there are many artists in the country who respond to the climate crisis through their work.”

He adds, “ A festival of this kind is highly contextual in India at the moment with the Prime Minister himself being aggressive and proactive about the country’s pursuit of green and clean energy. Some of the country’s biggest corporates have also been vocal about making India a global leader in producing green hydrogen”.

The festival which will be hybrid because of the pandemic, will have writers of climate fiction and nature poets reading and discussing their work, innovators and inventors showcasing their products to save the world from heating up.

Mysterious cosmic sources of alternative energy have long been imagined in science fiction, and it has now come to reality as the world is looking for solar and wind energy to move away from fossil fuels, and to cut carbon emission.

The Green Festival lines up discussions, solos, and conversations about these urgent topics that are considered as the need of the hour to create awareness among the general public on the need to protect the planet Earth.

Technology and Sustainability are the two key topics at the festival.

Iqbal who is the grandson of the great social reformer of Kerala, Vakkom Moulavi, said, “Since Technology is disrupting the way we have so far lived, and sustainability is at the core of all developmental activities, the Green Festival will bring together great minds at work in these two areas.”

Denise Jacob , Director of Carpus Media the organisers of the Green Festival and based at Thiruvananthapuram  said, “ We believe the dynamic city of Bangalore is the ideal home for the Green Festival as connectivity will be good for both national and international speakers as well as the vibrancy of the city is important. Hence we preferred Bangalore for the first Green Festival of the country.”

He adds, “There will be an exhibition of climate–change-related photographs, workshops, book sales, display and sale of green products and accessories on the sidelines of the festival, apart from cultural shows and entertainment in the evening”.