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In Chennai Eight month pregnant woman consumes pill to abort baby, dies

- September 28, 2021

Chennai, Sept 28 (BPNS)

An Eight-month pregnant woman, Kumari Kanjaka, 23 died after she consumed pills to abort the fetus. She was reportedly afraid of the delivery-related complications and hence took a pill to abort her fetus.

Kumari Kanjaka was a native of Odisha but she migrated to Chennai with her husband, Pratap Ulaka, and niece Geetha Kanjaka.

Police said that she had visited Odisha along with Geetha Kanjaka to attend the funeral of a woman who died of labour related complications. On visiting the place, Kumari Kanjaka became afraid of delivery and was tense on return to Chennai.

After reaching Chennai on September 20, she slipped in the bathroom and was taken to a hospital, and was admitted there and provided treatment. She complained of stomach ache and was taken to the Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital. She was admitted to Kilpauk and doctors diagnosed that she was critical and that she had contracted an infection in her womb. Doctors informed the family that her uterus had to be removed.

Doctors performed surgery to remove her uterus but she did not recover and died. On postmortem of her and doctors on enquiry with the family found that she had taken pills to abort the fetus. While the hospital sources refused to comment, doctor on condition of anonymity told BPNS that the woman’s uterus was already weak following her fall in the bathroom and the pill had worsened her condition.