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TN forest officials get praise from netizens after IFS officer tweets elephant calf hugging its rescuer

- October 15, 2021

Chennai, Oct 15 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu forest department officials are garnering praise from netizens after a senior forest officer tweeted an elephant calf hugging a forest official who rescued it.

A few days before a group of Tamil Nadu forest officials had rescued an elephant calf that was injured and then reunited it with its mother. The photo of the elephant calf hugging the forest officer who rescued it was tweeted by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, Parveen Kaswan with the wordings, “ Love has no language. A baby elephant hugging a forest officer. The team rescued this calf and reunited it with its mother.”

The tweet of the IFS officer went viral on the microblogging site with more than 11,000 likes. A Twitter user commented, “ This picture is so powerful, it has the potential to be the conservation picture of the year!”.

Another tweeter user commented, “This leaves me speechless with eyes glistened with tears.” One of the Twitter users said, “Wow, so adorable!!. Awesome, Invaluable, precious moment indeed”.

It may be noted that earlier a senior IFS officer Sudha Raman had tweeted a video of the same baby elephant being rescued and reunited with its mother. Sudha Raman in her tweet said,”  This little calf happily walks to get reunited with its mother guarded with Z+ security of the Tamil Nadu foresters team.”