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‘Mullaperiyar water well within limits’, Stalin to Kerala Chief Minister

- October 27, 2021

Chennai, Oct 27 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin in a letter written to Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that the water level in the Mullaperiyar dam is well within the limits and that the Tamil Nadu government is properly monitoring the water level in the dam at regular intervals.

He was responding to a letter written by the Kerala Chief Minister on Monday to Stalin requesting Tamil Nadu side to draw water so that the water level in the dam is maintained at the permissible level. The Kerala Chief Minister has also said that with incessant rains at the catchment area of Mullaperiyar dam in Idukki district of Kerala, the water level in the dam had shown a sudden rise.

Stalin in the letter written on Wednesday evening said, “ We are already drawing the maximum quantity of water through the tunnel in the Vaigai dam as requested in your letter. Currently, 2300 cusecs of water are drawn through the tunnel to the Vaigai basin since 8 am today.”

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said that presently the water level in Mullaperiyar dam was well within the storage level permitted by the Supreme court in its judgment. He also pointed out that the water level was in compliance with the upper rule levels approved by the Central Water Commission. Stalin also said that the officers of Tamil Nadu are in regular touch with their counterparts in Kerala.

M.K. Stalin in the letter also said,” I have specifically asked the officials to share in advance all the necessary information on water position and release if any so that your government can initiate such precautionary measures needed before the release of water.”

He also said that he reciprocated the sentiments expressed by the Kerala Chief Minister on the cordial relationship between the people of the two states. He also said that both the governments will ensure that the interests of the people of both the states are well safeguarded.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister also said that his government and the people of the state were concerned about the floods in the state of Kerala and the resultant damage faced by the state and its people in the past ten days.