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TN police crackdown on pharmacies, medical stores that sell sedatives to Children, Youth

- November 25, 2021

Chennai, Nov 25 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu police have commenced a crackdown on Pharmacies and medical stores that sell sedatives to children and youth. The Chennai police held a meeting of pharmacy and medical store owners and directed them not to sell sedatives to youngsters as part of its move in cracking down on drug use among students and youngsters. A statement from the state police said that it is embarking on this mission following several complaints across the state on sedatives and psychotropic drugs being used as ‘substance’ .

The TN Police as part of its crackdown under ‘Drive against Drugs’ have found that several children of school age are getting hold of sedatives and some medical shops have been selling these to children and youngsters for a price.

Tamil Nadu DGP. C.Sylendra Babu had himself directly ordered the crackdown on the medical shops and pharmacies that sell the sedatives to children and all district police superintendents are directed to constitute special teams under the leadership of an Assistant Commissioner of Deputy Superintendent of Police in all the tehsils.

Officials have directed the medical shop owners across the state not to sell sedatives, psychotropic drugs, tablets without prescription from registered medical practitioners. Police have also directed medical shop owners to prominently display the  sedatives that is not for sale without proper prescription.

Police have also directed the pharmacies and medical stores to install CCTV cameras in their shops and to record the details of the children and youngsters including their phone numbers and contact details of their residences, parents and also to record the identity card details of the buyers in a record book that is to be maintained at the shops.

After delivering the drugs to customers who reach the shops with a prescription a bill should be generated and a ‘delivery’ seal affixed. Police also directed the shop owners not to give drugs to children and students even if it was meant for others.

Police have informed the pharmacy owners across the state that criminal action would be taken against them if they violate the directive issued by the district superintendents of police.

The state police also directed that sedatives should not be sold in bulk under any circumstances and directed the pharmacy owners to inform the police of anyone who was insisting on sale of sedatives in bulk without proper prescription. Police said that even with a prescription, sedatives must not be given beyond a quantity and have directed the pharmacy owners that police would provide the quantity that can be sold with a prescription.