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Chennai corporation commences safety audit under ‘Gender Lab’ project

- November 26, 2021

Chennai, Nov 26 (BPNS)

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has commenced safety audit under its ‘Gender Lab’ project with the first phase of the audit conducted at Tondiarpet division. The draft of the report, according to GCC officials is ready but the final report will need little more inputs.

The safety audit is being conducted under the auspicious of the ‘Gender Lab’ set up as part of the Chennai City Partnership with assistance and support from World Bank.  The lab, according to GCC officials is aimed at providing the safety of women in public places as well as public transport gender inclusive. Policy experts of Gender studies and infrastructure experts are part of the Gender Lab project piloted by the Chennai Corporation.

The lab is also aimed at improving city infrastructure and make it inclusive and safe for women and children. The Gender Lab will work towards spreading awareness among government departments, build capacities, strengthening policies, and help improve the lives of women commuters in the city.

The initiative is aimed at improving the transport of women and to make the policymakers aware as to where the money should go for improving the commuting standards of women. The Gender Lab studies what difficulties a woman face while she is traveling in a bus, the problem she faces while traveling in metro, and how these problems could be changed.

Specific needs of women will be taken care of during infrastructure planning based on the inputs from Gender Labs and the initiative would ensure that women’s safety is prime while policies of infrastructure are evolved.

The Greater Chennai Corporation is also planning to hire three consultants who are experts in gender analysis, urban development, and public policy under the auspicious of Gender Lab.