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Puducherry man ran away from vaccination, climb tree

- December 29, 2021

Puducherry, Dec 29 (BPNS)

A person in a village at Vilianur in Puducherry climbed a tree on Tuesday to avoid being administered Covid -19 vaccine. The man who spotted the health authorities coming towards his house ran away and later climbed the tree to prevent him from being vaccinated.

Puducherry health authorities said that the middle-aged man, whom the authorities did not name, climbed atop a tree near to his home after he found the health team reaching his home. He ran away from the house carrying a machete and later climbed the tree.

Health authorities said that he was trying to enact a drama of pruning the branches of the tree using the machete but authorities asked him to come down and inoculate himself.

When members of the team enquired whether he had taken the vaccine he said in the negative and challenged the health officials to climb the tree and administer him the jab.

An old woman and her family had waded off the health workers including Asha workers from not getting vaccinated after she enacted a drama as if processing the spirit of ‘ Goddess Mariyathai’ and scared the health volunteers off.

These incidents have left the health authorities of Puducherry red-faced as this was a clear indicator that people are still not aware of the benefits of vaccination and the refusal of people is considered as the major failure of the Puducherry health department to properly inculcate in the society the benefit of vaccination.