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Aavin officials probe the role of former Minister Rajenthra Bhalaji in 30 crore irregularities

- December 31, 2021

Chennai, Dec 31 (BPNS)

The vigilance team of Aavin milk cooperative during the inspection at the premises of the milk cooperative that is underway since Wednesday has found irregularities to the tune of Rs30 crores. The officials of the Aavin are probing whether there was any involvement of the former Diary minister Rajenthra Bhalaji who is on the run in a job recruitment scam at Aavin.

IANS had on Thursday reported that some probes conducted by the vigilance wing of the Aavin has found irregularities and corruption in the sale of ghee from the milk cooperative for making the famous Tirupati laddu.

Sources in the Aavin informed that the vigilance team has found irregularities in the installation of solar panels at Rs 1 crore in the company premises and surprisingly it was not working since its inception. A study conducted by the vigilance team found that the solar panels were of substandard quality and were not functioning at all.

The GRPS attached to the milk carrying van was also non-functional and also fixed in a wrong position and according to sources in the milk cooperative these installations had taken place during 2019 and 2020 when Rajenthra Bhalaji was at the helm of affairs. An estimated amount of Rs 1 crore was spent on these GRPS devices, sources said.

Another major malpractice that had come to light during the inspection was the nonfunctioning of electronic chips attached to the milk vending cans and nearly 5000 cans were fitted with these electronic chips.

The investigation also found that an amount of Rs 30 crore from the milk cooperatives, corpus fund was used to buy these sub-standard products and according to the vigilance officials who are in the investigating team, it was crystal clear that corruption had taken place and they are now ascertaining the role played by the former minister.

It may be noted that Rajenthra Bhalaji is absconding since December 17th after the Madras High Court denied him anticipatory bail in the job racketing case amounting to Rs 3 crores. Two cases are registered against the former minister and as soon as the judgment denying anticipatory bail was pronounced, he was absconding.