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Police in the dark over Islamist criminals behind murder of BJP leader Ranjith Sreenivasan

- January 1, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 1 (BPNS)

The Kerala police are in the dark over the criminals who were behind the conspiracy and direct involvement in the murder of BJP state leader and noted lawyer of Alappuzha bar, Ranjith Sreenivasan who was brutally murdered at his residence in front of his mother, wife, and two daughters on December 19th, Sunday morning.

Ranjith was first hit with a hammer on his face by a 12 member assailant team of SDPI who reached his residence in the heart of Alappuzha town and hacked him repeatedly with machete and swords. They left him in a pool of blood and he died at home itself.

The killing of Ranjith was in retaliation to the murder of SDPI state secretary K.S. Shan who was hacked to death allegedly by RSS men on the night of December 18th by mowing him down with a vehicle and hacking him to death.

However BJP alleges that while 12 people including senior leaders of the RSS were arrested by the police in the murder of Shan, only 4 SDPI men were arrested in the murder of Ranjith Sreenivasan and claimed that the police and the CPM were in cohorts with the SDPI.

ADGP of Kerala police, Vijay Sakhare admitted that the SDPI criminals were getting support from outside the state and that the killers of Ranjith may be under the support of such gangs outside of the state.

BJP state president, K. Surendran while speaking to BPNS said, “ It is a clear case of CPM and the Chief Minister directly supporting the killing squad of SDPI as the CPM had entered into a clandestine political deal with the SDPI during the 2021 assembly elections and now the CPM is reciprocating the SDPI by not arresting the criminals involved in the murder.”

BJP and RSS are planning mammoth protest marches across the state against the SDPI, CPM, Police alliance and to expose this before the people of the state of Kerala.

However political observers have dismissed the claims of BJP and said that both the SDPI and RSS are two sides of the same coin and they thrive because of the other.

R. Rajendran,political observer from Kannur while speaking to BPNS said, “ It was earlier the killing fields of Kannur but now the killings have shifted to central Kerala . In Kannur the killings were mainly between the CPM and RSS but the victims were mostly from the OBC, Thiyya community but now the situation is different, it is turning into a Hindu, Muslim communal war and it has to be crushed now otherwise it will get out of hands.”

After criticisms against Kerala police started pouring in, the state police have effected a major shakeup with several police officers losing their positions and new faces replacing them.