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Fox ritual : TN forest department to take action against farmers

- January 18, 2022

Chennai, Jan 18 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu forest department is to take action against farmers of Salem district involved in the ‘Fox ‘ ritual to bring prosperity to the families and to increase the crop quantity during the season.

The farmers had captured a fox from the forest range in Vazhapadi in Salem district to celebrate Vanagnari, which is a local harvest festival.  Forest officials have launched an inquiry into the incident as Fox is an endangered species under the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972.

According to forest officials, villagers of  Kottavadi, Ranganur, Mathur, Periyakrishnapuram captured a fox from the forest range of Vazhapadi, tied its mouth, and then walked it through the villages and to the doorsteps of each family.

Residents would watch the proceedings with devotion as there is a belief in the villages of this part of the world that the fox that is brought to doorsteps would bring prosperity in agriculture as well as wealth. The animal is then released into the forest and no harm is inflicted on the animal, villagers said.

Forest officials told BPNS that there were no formal complaints but the incident had become viral on social media and the department is trying to identify those involved in the incident. Forest officials also said that this ritual has not been taking place in Vazhapadi areas for a long long time and added that the department will take action against those involved as Fox is an endangered animal under Wild Life Protection Act 1972.