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TN schools to reopen on February 1, parents confused on sending kids to schools

- January 31, 2022

Chennai, Jan 31 (BPNS)

Parents of school students are confused as to whether they should send their children to school or wait for the government to announce online classes along with offline classes.

Sudhirbabu, father of a 9th standard student studying in a private school at Ashok Nagar, Chennai while speaking to BPNS said, “ These days several people are turning positive but they are not taking the tests and treating themselves with medicines for cold and fever and getting it reduced. With such a situation prevailing in society, how can one send his child to school.”

There are also parents who disagree with the decision of the government to open schools for primary classes students as well.

Sudhamani, mother of a Class 3 student at Madurai while speaking to BPNS said,” It is very confusing to make a decision on whether I send my daughter to school or not. The Government should at least have opted for classes only for students of higher classes. Children will not maintain social distancing or wear masks in schools and all the precautions will go haywire. With Covid -19 cases in large number in society, I am really anxious as to how I am going to send my child to school when it reopens on Tuesday.”

Tamil Nadu Private School teachers association, Erode district secretary, Velmurugan while speaking to BPNS said,” Government is reopening schools based on a recommendation from medical doctors. Doctors will not give recommendations to the government unless they are confident that the spread will be either limited or not there.”

Meanwhile, there is confusion on whether to commence classes only offline or to provide an option of online classes along with offline classes. However, the teacher’s associations said that the teachers would be burdened heavily if both the offline and online classes are held together.

However, some parents are happy that the schools are reopening. Muthumani. G, mother of a 12th class student at Salem while speaking to BPNS said, “ I am happy that the classes are commencing for the 12th standard students. My son is always into tab and laptop and whenever we ask him, he will speak about the syllabus and classes but in reality, he is making use of this opportunity and playing games. With schools reopening he will have to attend classes compulsorily and this is a good sign. He has also taken one dose of the vaccine and I am not worried.”