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CPI, CPM to fight against ally DMK in a town panchayat in Coimbatore district of TN

- February 4, 2022

Chennai, Feb 4 (BPNS)

Alleging DMK’s big brother attitude in sharing of seats, the left parties, CPI, and CPM have snapped ties with the DMK at Kannampalayam town panchayath in Coimbatore district.

Traditionally the left forces, both the CPI and CPM have strength in this town panchayath with the CPI earlier becoming the chairman and CPM, the Vice-chairman in the panchayath. However, DMK district leadership did not allow many seats to the ally, the left front leading to the CPI and CPM snapping ties with it.

The left parties in support with another DMK ally, Kongu Desa Makkal Katchi (KDMK) a regional outfit in Coimbatore district and an ally of the DMK formed the People’s Service Front and has put up candidates on their own, and electoral fight is on against the DMK. This is mainly owing to the DMK refusing to give the chairman post of the town panchayath to the CPI.

CPI leader. R. Malathi who is a candidate in the elections while speaking to BPNS said, “ The DMK leaders were not heeding to our requests and we don’t have any option left but to contest on our own. This fight is only for this town panchayath elections. We have a strong base in this town panchayath ”

The CPM leadership also said that the fight with the DMK is only for the town panchayath elections and that it would not affect the relationship the party has with the DMK at the state level.

-The People’s Service Front will together contest in 11 wards out of the 15 in Kannampalayam. Of this CPI will contest in 10 seats and CPM in one seat.