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Flying squads doubled from 45 to 90 in Chennai to check cash distribution ahead of urban polls

- February 16, 2022

Chennai, Feb 16 (BPNS)

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) and the Chennai City Police have increased the number of flying squads from 45 to 90 to check the distribution of money and gifts ahead of urban polls.

There are 200 wards under 15 zones in Chennai corporation. Flying squads are given directives to seize money above Rs 50,000 and gifts worth more than Rs 10,000 if they are without valid documents.

It is to be noted that the flying squads have so far seized Rs 18. 13 lakh cash and gifts worth 1.27 crore from the various wards in the city and without valid proof.

The Greater Chennai Corporation Commissioner, Gagan Singh Bedi requested the general public to call the toll-free number 18004257012 to report about election malpractices in the 200 wards of Chennai.

The Chennai City Police commissioner Shankar Jiwal in a statement on Wednesday said that seventy-two hours before the elections, each zone will be provided with three additional flying squads and that more check posts would be set up in the city.

He also said that 4800 police personnel are on duty in the city for elections and on the day of elections, 18000 policemen and 4000 non-policemen would be deployed on duty.

The GCC and the City Police have conducted awareness on election to the people of 200 wards in the city on Tuesday and also said that stringent action would be taken against anyone who would try to indulge in malpractices including bogus voting.