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Parents, relatives of bride try to kidnap newlywed couple, rescued by the public in Coimbatore

- March 3, 2022

Chennai, March 3 (BPNS)

A  traffic signal at Coimbatore on Wednesday night witnessed unusual scenes when a young couple shouted for help when a car was stopped at the signal. Passersby intervened and forced the couple out of the car.

Police arrived and on questioning it was revealed that the young couple, Vignesh( 22) and Sneha (!8) of Gounder and Nadar castes had married recently against the wishes of their parents and the parents of the girl along with their relatives were trying to kidnap her.

The couple told the police that they were in love with each other and had registered their marriage in Coimbatore on March 1 and had reported at the Servampatti police station to inform them that their marriage was consensual and to be left alone. However, the bride’s family had reached there. The family of Sneha including her parents informed the couple that they had accepted the marriage but wanted to take them to Thoothukudi, Sneha’s hometown.

When the couple boarded the car, they found that one of the relatives was carrying deadly weapons and when the car reached the Lakshmi Mill traffic junction, the couple shouted for help and was promptly saved by the public.

Race Course police took the couple and other members who were in the car including the girl’s parents. After preliminary questioning, the couple and others were released and asked to appear before the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore on Thursday.

It may be noted that caste-related attacks and honour killings are rampant in Tamil Nadu and people marrying out of their castes is a taboo still in the state with violent repercussions to the girl and the boy depending on the caste hierarchy.