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Stalin writes to PM to include Naikuruvar, Kuruvikarar community under ST category

- March 20, 2022

Chennai, March 20 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M.K.Stalin has written a letter to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for including the Naikuruvar community under the Scheduled Tribe category.

Both Nairkuruvar community and Kuruvikarar community are presently under the Most Backward Community category.

He informed the Prime minister that the Registrar General of India has agreed to the proposal of the Government of Tamil Nadu to include both Naikuruvar community and Kuruvikarar community into the Scheduled Tribe category.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister in the letter pointed out that Lokur Committee and the Joint Parliament Committee had recommended the inclusion of both these communities into the ST category earlier.

He said that Naikuruvar community is one of the most deprived communities in Tamil Nadu and deserves all the constitutional protection and welfare measures under the Scheduled Tribe category.

M.K. Stalin said that despite several requests and follow-ups there was no move from the Government of India to include the Naikuruvars and Kuruvikarar communities from the Most Backward Communities to Scheduled Tribe category in Tamil Nadu. He requested the Prime Minister to immediately intervene in the matter and to include the deprived communities under the Scheduled Tribe category for benefiting the welfare measures of various government schemes earmarked for the ST category.