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Sindhudesh movement appeals to Indian PM for a Government in exile in India

- March 31, 2022

Chennai, March 31 (BPNS)

The Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM), leader Zafar Sahito who is in exile in the United States has appealed to the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to help for setting up a Government of Sindudesh in exile in India.

The Sindhudesh leader in his open letter to the Indian Prime Minister on March 31, which is the National day of Sindhudesh, requested Narendra Modi to recognize Sindhudesh and appealed for his intervention on the grounds that a historical nation is under occupation of an artificial and fundamentalist Pakistan.

In the open letter, the Sindhudesh leader said that the region is a historical land where the Rig Veda was recorded on banks of the River Indus.

He also said that Sanskrit language was born in Sindh and that Panini, the renowned Sanskrit grammarian was also born in the region. The JSFM leader said that the word India has evolved from the River Indus that flows through Sindhudesh.

Zafar Sahito in the letter to the Indian Prime Minister said that the historical land of Shiva and Shakthi, Sindhu Saraswati Mata is in the hands of radical Islamist groups where every other day a minor Sindhi Hindu girl is abducted and forced to convert to Islam and married to much older men. The Sindhudesh leader said that every year around 800 Sindhi Hindu girls is forcibly converted to Islam.

He said that ten thousand landowners and residents of the area are forced to leave their homes and motherlands and added that it was a systematic genocide of the original inhabitants of the land to change the demographics of occupied Sindh.

The exiled Sindh leader said that every 65 leaders of the freedom movement have been extra-judicially killed by Pakistani intelligence agencies to crush the movements.

He also said that the Pakistani intelligence agencies and state-sponsored terror groups are trying continuously to alter the roots, culture, and secular historical identity by establishing Madrassas in each and every small village and town of Sindhudesh.

The Sindh leader said that within recent years 40,000 new madrasas which are defacto Jihad schools are set up, especially in border towns adjoining India.

Zafar Sahito said that Pakistan was selling the natural resources and land of Sindhudesh to China which will be a worrying situation for India also as Sindh shares long borders with democratic India.

He said that the appeal was not just on humanitarian grounds or on grounds of shared values and civilization, but an appeal to India’s good geopolitical sense and realpolitik.