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CVe Shanmugham lashes out against DMK over Vanniyar quota

- April 1, 2022

Chennai, April 1 (BPNS)

AIADMK leader and former law minister in the Tamil Nadu government CVe Shanmughan has come out against the DMK government and said that the government has not presented a strong case before the Madras High Court and Supreme Court of India regarding 10.5 percent internal reservation for the Vanniyar community.

The former minister in a statement on Friday said that the Madras High Court had said that there was no quantifiable data available from the government.

He said that Supreme Court upheld the Madras High Court judgment and the advocates representing the Tamil Nadu government failed to put up a strong argument before the apex court.

CVe Shanmughan called upon the government on the lapse in providing the Backward Class Commission report about internal reservation which was headed by J.A. Ambasankar.

He said that the previous AIADMK government had constituted the Kulasekharan commission to collect quantifiable data on castes, communities, and tribes. He charged that when the term of the commission came to a close, the DMK government that succeeded to power did not extend the commission.

The former Law Minister called upon the DMK government to extend its term immediately to protect the 69 percent reservation in the state.

It may be noted that the Vanniyar community was provided with 10.5 percent internal reservation within the Most Backward Classes category and this was opposed in Madras High Court. The Court had ruled against the reservation and the Supreme Court had on Wednesday justified the ruling of the Madras High Court.

Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), the political arm of the Vanniyar community has been spearheading a campaign for internal reservation of the community and the previous AIADMK government had passed legislation allocating 10.5 percent internal reservation to the community.