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Chennai city police project, ‘ Kaaval Karangal’ rescues 2541 abandoned people in a year

- April 26, 2022

Chennai, April 26 (BPNS)

The Chennai City police have rescued 2541 people who were abandoned in the streets in the past year under its project ‘Kaaval Karangal’. The project was launched in April 2021 to rescue and protect those who are abandoned by families, and those who have nowhere to go.

City police commissioner, Shankar Jiwal in a press statement on Tuesday said that the project was implemented in association with the Greater Chennai Corporation and NGOs for the welfare of the general public.

He said that more than 40 organizations including NGOs were associated with the program to help and rescue those abandoned in the street either by families or those who are orphaned and have nowhere to go.

According to Chennai City Police of 2541 rescued,  1499 were accommodated at caregiving homes run by non-governmental organizations.

The statement said that 161 of those rescued were rehabilitated with their families after the identities of the families were found out. Police also said that 159 of those rescued were given mental health assistance at the Institute of Mental Health.

It may be recalled that it was on April 21, 2021, that ‘Kaaval Karangal’ was launched by the Chennai City police in association with Greater Chennai Corporation,  other government departments including the social welfare department, and some NGOs.

The abandoned and homeless persons, according to Chennai City police, were rescued after calls were received from neighbourhoods about the presence of people roaming the streets. Police had conducted detailed studies on people who were into begging in the city, those who were sleeping on pavements, on the verandah of shops, and in public places. These people were brought to the shelter homes and if someone insists that he/ she wanted to go out, it was allowed.

The statement also said that around 770 dead bodies found on the street were cremated at public crematoriums. Police said that proper inquest and postmortem were conducted before such bodies were cremated and the photographs of the body were kept in police stations as station records.