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40 Coimbatore students kept in isolation in TN college test negative for Covid-19

- April 29, 2022

Chennai, April 29 (BPNS)

Students of a private college in Coimbatore who were kept isolated following symptoms of Covid -19 were found negative in the RT-PCR test report. The Coimbatore health authorities had taken the samples of 83 people including 60 students, faculty members, cooks, and other staff of the private college after they had shown symptoms of fever, throat ache, and body pain. It may be noted that 40 students of the physiotherapy college in Coimbatore had complained of Covid-like symptoms and were kept in an isolated ward in the College hostel.

The health department of Coimbatore corporation had a huge sigh of relief after they found that all the samples that were tested for Covid -19 were found to be negative.

The College had on April 22 and 23rd conducted a seminar in which students from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala had taken part. There were around 3000 students and 40 students of the college who had actively participated in the seminar were found with symptoms like fever, throat infection, body ache, and other influenza-like symptoms leading to the college authorities housing these students in an isolated place in the college hostel.

The Coimbatore health officials including doctors of the private hospital who were treating the students in the isolation ward of the hostel said that the students got throat ache and fever may be due to excessive consumption of ice water and ice creams during the seminar days.

The College authorities have however kept all the 40 students in isolation till Saturday even though the test results are negative