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Woman’s Christian College for FICCI FLO ‘Campus to corporate’ skilling programme

- April 29, 2022

Chennai, April 29 (BPNS)

The prestigious Women’s Christian College, Chennai signed an agreement with the FICCI FLO programme to upskill women students in the college. FICCI FLO will conduct the campus to Corporate Skilling programme. A statement from the FICCI FLO said that around 1,500 students are expected to attend this programme.

FICCI FLO, the women’s wing of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry have been promoting entrepreneurship and professional excellence among women.

The ‘Campus to Corporate’ Programme of FICCI FLO aims to facilitate a smooth transition for students from their campus environments to that of a corporate. The Women’s Christian College, Chennai has signed an MOU with FLO Chennai to have this value-added programme delivered at their institution.

 “Industry leaders today want industry-ready graduates and WCC, having understood the gap that needs to be addressed among its students, decided to have FICCI FLO take the lead to upskill around 1,500 of their students, the workforce of tomorrow,” said Ms Prasanna Vasanadu, Chairperson, FICCI FLO Chennai.

The ‘Campus to Corporate’ programme aims to facilitate a smooth transition for students from their campus environments to that corporate and increasing chances of their success in that environment. The objective is to help them hit the ground running once employed, reducing the time taken to make them productive at their workplace. This initiative involves helping them improve their interview skills, create effective resumes and to be mentally tough to manage the workplace stress.

This programme, for which FLO Chennai is partnering with an independent knowledge partner to design a suitable curriculum, is being sponsored by Radiant Medical Services.

ThE programme comes with a certificate of completion, which will be a value add to the students’ resumes.

It is to be noted that FLO is a  pan-India forum for women, with headquarters in New Delhi and 18 chapters across India.

FLO represents over 8000 women entrepreneurs and professionals who constitute the membership.

The Chennai Chapter of FLO is in its 29th year of function and has 400+ members FLO also actively work for the empowerment of women in deserving communities, in and around Chennai.

This is done through livelihood initiatives, skill training and village adoption programmes. The FICCI FLO  consider it their mandate to be a relevant voice of women across the socio-economic pyramid and work actively in areas like legal awareness, women in boardrooms, mentorship of entrepreneurs and incubation of start-ups.