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Annamalai’s 4 day Lankan visit to improve BJP’s fortune in TN

- April 30, 2022

Chennai, April 30 (BPNS)

The Tamil Nadu state president of the BJP, K. Annamalai is embarking on a four-day visit to Sri Lanka. The visit according to the BJP leader is on an invitation from the Ceylon Workers Congress and would participate in the Mayday celebrations of the party. The visit is a calculated political move by the BJP to improve its fortunes in Tamil Nadu as the people of the Indian state share a warm relationship with the Tamil diaspora in the island nation.

The visit of the BJP leader to Sri Lanka is significant as the island nation is mired in economic crisis and with a huge Tamil origin diaspora in Sri Lanka, the issues pertaining to that country are close to the heart of Tamil Nadu.

Annamalai while speaking to BPNS said, “ I am leaving for a four day trip to Sri Lanka and would meet lawmakers, NGO representatives and political leaders and would present a report on the situation in the island nation to the Union Home minister Amit Shahji and party president J.P. Naddaji.”

The Ceylon Workers Congress has also thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for extending financial support to the tune of US Dollar 1 billion to the island nation. The Ceylon Workers Congress in a statement said, “ Narendra Modi has extended an I billion US$ line of credit to the people of Lanka to overcome the present crisis. We the people of Indian origin would like to honour him for his commitment to support us. We are planning this occasion along with the Mayday celebrations on the 1st of May 2022 in the upcountry where the Prime Minister visited in 2017 and addressed the people of Indian origin and also promised 10,000 houses the construction of which is taking now.”

The BJP is trying to make its presence felt in Tamil Nadu and with a political alliance with the AIADMK, the party has gained momentum in state politics and the visit to Sri Lanka which has major support in Tamil Nadu will help the party fortunes in the ascent in Tamil Nadu.