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Intelligence agencies on high alert as Tamil Genocide Remembrance day approach

- May 14, 2022

Chennai, May 14 (BPNS)

The Tamil national movement will never forget May 18, the day when the Sri Lankan army killed Velupillai Prabhakaran, the Chief of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), and every year the day is being observed and mourned as Tamil Genocide Remembrance day.

With Sri Lankan burning through economic crisis and the public anger against the Rajapakse family, the possibility of certain Tamil groups including former cadres of LTTE regrouping and planning some attacks in the island nation is worrying the Indian intelligence agencies. Sources in the Tamil Nadu home department told IANS that warnings have been issued by central agencies to be on alert across coastal Tamil Nadu.

The Indian agencies are worried about the possibility of some hard-core ex- cadres of the now-defunct LTTE trying to regroup on Indian soil as also these groups carrying out some attacks on the Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day.

The state police have given directives to all the district superintendents of police to be on alert about the possibility of influx into Tamil Nadu by some ex-cadres of the LTTE and all coastal districts have stepped up vigil. After the recent crisis erupted in Sri Lanka more than 70 people reached Tamil Nadu after being dropped at Dhanushkodi and Rameswaram by fishing boats at a huge price. These people are living at the Mandapam refugee camp in Rameswaram after the Tamil Nadu government took a stand that they need not be sent to jail.

The Tamil Nadu Coastal police and Indian Coast Guard have also given alert to all Indian fishing boats from Tamil Nadu to be vigilant on any movement from Sri Lanka crossing the International Marine Boundary Line (IMBL) and to report on any suspicious movements in sea.

It may be noted that the former LTTE intelligence operative Satkunam was apprehended last year after he was charged with smuggling narcotic drugs and collecting funds for regrouping LTTE in India. A woman who was boarding a flight to Mumbai from Chennai was also arrested by Tamil Nadu police as she trying to retrieve a dormant bank account connected to LTTE in a nationalized bank. As the Central intelligence agencies and Tamil Nadu agencies had kept this woman under their radar it was easy for them to counter her arrest while she was traveling to Mumbai from Chennai.

The Central Intelligence has also warned that certain sections of the global  Tamil diaspora are supporting the cause of Tamil nationalism and with the Rajapakse family on the defensive, the possibility of some unorganized attacks on the island nation is high.