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AAP to join Twenty 20 in Kerala, to capture power:  Kejriwal

- May 15, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram, May 15 (BPNS)

Chief Minister of Delhi and founder leader of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) , Aravind Kejriwal said that the party is joining hands with the Twenty 20 party in Kerala. He said that the alliance will capture power in the state. He announced the alliance as ‘People Welfare Front ’ or ‘Janakshema Munnani’.

Addressing a huge gathering at Kizhakkambalam, the headquarters of Twenty 20, Kejriwal said that if AAP can capture power in Delhi and Punjab, Kerala is not difficult. He said that in Delhi, AAP government was able to totally wipe out corruption and have given a government for the people.

The Delhi Chief Minister said that in the national capital, electricity, water and education are free and that only because of good governance with the support of god, the AAP government could achieve that.

He also said that in Delhi and Punjab ordinary people have defeated big names in politics and said that this can be repeated in Kerala. The AAP leader said that he visited the headquarters of Twenty 20 and found that the Kizhakkambalam panchayat where the party is in power has a surplus amount of Rs 14 crore in the bank from a situation wherein the panchayat was in a debt-ridden situation.

He showered praises on Twenty 20 founder chairman, Sabu Jacob, and said that even after being a big industrialist and businessman, the Twenty 20 founder was with the people of the area and he had worked for the upliftment of the panchayat while several big industries in India had not been with the people.

Sources in the AAP told BPNS that Kejriwal has directed the party workers to start preparations for the next local body elections and to do proper research and ground-level work.

With the AAP, Twenty 20 alliance, Kerala will witness a fourth front after the CPM-led Left Democratic Front, Congress-led United Democratic Front, and BJP-led National Democratic Alliance.