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Ramanathapuram tense after woman seaweed collector’s partially burnt body recovered

- May 25, 2022

Chennai, May 25 (BPNS)

The situation in Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu turned tense after the body of a missing woman seaweed collector was recovered from the premises of a private shrimp farm on Wednesday. The fourty-year-old woman had gone out of her home on Tuesday for collecting seaweed for a living.

Even after she did not return home till evening her husband lodged a complaint with Vadakadu police station. Police on search found her partially burnt body near the premises of a private shrimp farm and took into custody six workers of the farm.

Local people barged into the private shrimp farm and destroyed the materials on the farm and beat up the employees working on the farm.

Police said that investigation is on as to whether the shrimp farm workers who were migrant labourers from other state’s were involved in the brutal murder of the woman. Police is investigating whether she  was sexually assaulted.

A large number of people are protesting before the Vadakadu police station demanding the police to hand over the culprits. Ramanathapuram Superintendent of Police, Karthik has reached the spot and is conducting discussions with the agitated local people.

The body of the woman is sent for postmortem at the Government Hospital, Ramanathapuram.

A heavy police contingent is present at the Vadakkadu police station premises as the local people are in an agitating mood even after the Ramanathapuram SP is conducting discussions with the locals.