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TN forest department for increasing green cover in Nilgiris

- May 25, 2022

Chennai, May 25 (BPNS)

Nilgiris, the hill district in Tamil Nadu is a much sought-after vacation site in the state with tourists visiting the district in large numbers from across the globe. Udhagamandalam or Ooty is a major tourist spot of Nilgiri district and the state forest department is in the process of increasing the green cover of the district. The state government,  according to state forest minister, K. Ramachandran is keen on increasing the forest cover of the district by 33 %.

The minister has directed all government department heads in the district to submit a list of vacant land in their custody before June 10th. The forest cover in The Nilgiris according to the forest department is presently 23 percent of which 20.27 percent is a protected area that includes five national parks, 29 wildlife sanctuaries, and two conservation reserves. The balance of 3.6 percent is tree cover outside the forest area, the state forest department.

The state forest minister, K. Ramachandran while speaking to BPNS said, “  We have directed all the government departments in the districts to provide details of vacant lands under their custody by June 10th and once we get the details, we will commence planting saplings in these vacant lands.”

The department is focusing on Nilgiris as a model district and the afforestation drive will improve Oxygen levels and conservation of groundwater.

The district administration has also chipped in for the afforestation drive of the forest department and invasive species that are grown outside the forests will be removed by the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) under the district administration. This is done to plant native shola tree saplings for increasing the green cover. The DRDA, according to the district administration is conducting a survey on the invasive species that are present outside of the forest area.

The forest department is also planning to plant native trees alongside fences where spaces are available in Nanjanad, Thummanaty villages, and in Sims park, Connor.