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Blackmailing case:Name of media house ‘Junior Vikatan’ directors will be removed from FIR: Police

- May 26, 2022

Chennai, May 26 (BPNS)

Greater Chennai Commissioner of Police, Shankar Jiwal has said that the names of the directors of Junior Vikatan bi-weekly will be removed from the First Information Report of the police in the case related to blackmailing a realtor company.

Shankar Jiwal in a statement on early Thursday said that there was no basis for arraigning the directors of Junior Vikatan, Mariadoss, and Suvakku Sankar.

The police commissioner however said that there were evidence of transactions between some staff members of the bi-weekly with the prime accused, Kevin who was arrested on charges of blackmailing a realtor firm.

Chennai Commissioner in the statement said that probe is on to find out whether these transactions between some members of the bi-weekly Junior Vikatan and Kevin were part of the blackmailing episode.

It may be noted that on Tuesday journalists of Chennai had conducted a massive protest against the naming of the directors of the bi-weekly in an arbitrary manner on Sunday. The editorial staff of the magazine was also made accused in the case.

A real estate firm had raised a complaint that Kevin, a YouTuber claiming proximity to the bi-weekly had demanded Rs 50 lakh as a bribe from the firm and threatened that defamatory reports would be published against the real estate company if bribe was not paid.