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TN idol wing on detailed probe of two centuries-old idols seized from Myladuthurai

- May 27, 2022

Chennai, May 27 (BPNS)

The idol wing of the Tamil Nadu police is in probe for more details on the two centuries old metallic idols seized from a smuggler in Tiruchi on Thursday. The idols were seized from a smuggler in Myladuthurai district of Tamil Nadu.

Idol wing in a statement on Friday said that the two idols, one of Buddhist goddess, ‘Tara Devi’ is believed to be 700 years old and the other of ‘Vinayagar’ is around 300 years of age.

The police are probing the origin of the idols and according to inputs from the idol wing, it is likely to have originated from Tibetan area. Idol wing sleuths are probing as to how the smuggler could get hold of these idols which were most probably stolen from some temple.

The idol wing of the Tamil Nadu police got confidential information on Thursday that a man was in possession of metallic idols in Myladuthurai district and that he had concealed it in a den in a village. Idol wing ASP R Rajaram and other officers posed as potential buyers and established contact with Suresh (32) who was in possession of the idols. The sleuths agreed to buy the idols at Rs 2 crore and asked Suresh to show them the idols. When the smuggler showed them the idols, the policemen pinned him down and took him into custody.

It is to be noted that the Tamil Nadu idol wing has retrieved several valuable idols from within and outside the country and has restored most of them to the temples from where they were stolen.

Idol wing officers said that Suresh who is remanded in judicial custody will be taken for questioning and find out how he got the idols. Officers said that on detailed interrogation of the smuggler, they will get to know more about the idols and can trace it down.

The idol wing of the Tamil Nadu police has already informed all the antique sellers to get proper papers before they purchase or sell any antique metal pieces or will have to legal issues including arrest.