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CPM has tortured and killed  Christians  most in Kerala:  P.C.George

- May 29, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram ,May 29 (BPNS)

Former Chief Whip of Kerala and Janapaksham leader, P.C. George has lashed out at the CPM and said that it was the CPM that had tortured and even killed the Christians in Kerala. He was responding to the statement of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan that the BJP and RSS had tortured and killed Christians in several parts of the country.

George who was in jail following a hate speech he had made during a Hindu convention at Thiruvananthapuram is out on bail and had lashed out against the Chief Minister and CPM during a press conference at the Thrikkakara NDA election committee office.

The veteran leader said that it was the Communist government of veteran CPM leader EMS Namboodirpad that had killed seven Christians by police firing during a peaceful agitation. He said that in another police firing at Thiruvananthapuram, a pregnant woman, Flory was killed. George said that the Angamaly Church has photographs of all those who were killed in the indiscriminate police firing done at the orders of the CPM Chief Minister.

George also said that the countdown of Pinarayi Vijayan and the CPM government has begun and that the Thrikkakara by-election will be the first step for the countdown of Pinarayi. He also lashed out against opposition leader V.D. Satheeshan said that Satheeshan was the worst opposition leader Kerala has ever seen.

He said that Satheeshan had joined hands with Pinarayi against him and said that both the leaders were playing for the Muslim vote bank

George said that the Police were dancing to the tune of Pinarayi and that in Kerala there was no fair and free investigation. He said that Mujahid Balussery, a Salafi preacher had said that those who give donations to Hindu temples are worse than people who pay money in a brothel. George said that no action was taken against Mujahid Balussery and several others who had indulged in hate speech but he was singled out to appease the political Islamists.