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Malayalam movie, ‘ Kuttavum Shikshayum’ a realistic portrayal of a police investigation

- May 29, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram, May 29 (IANS)

Direction : Rajeev Ravi

Camera: Suresh Rajan

Script :Sibi Thomas, Sreejith Divakaran

Music: Dawn Antony

Cast : Asif Ali, Alencier Lopez, Sunny Wein, Sharaf U Dheen, Senthil Krishna

Duration :2 hours, 18 minutes

Rating :3.5 /5

The Malayalam movie ‘Kuttavum Shikshyum ‘ directed by noted filmmaker Rajeev Ravi has explored the psyche of the policemen involved in a criminal investigation. The script by police officer Sibi Thomas and Sreejith Divakaran stands out as it is drawn out from the life experience of Sibi Thomas who is a serving police officer.

The movie is based on a real incident that happened in 2015 and begins with a theft in a jewelry shop in Kattappana, Idukki district of Kerala. Circle Inspector Sajan Philip (Asif Ali ) is given charge of the case and he forms a five-member team of police officers played by Alancier Lopez, Sharaf U Dheen, Sunny Wein, and Senthil Krishna.

The police team on close observation of CCTV visuals and other materials reach the conclusion that the crime was committed by a four-member gang from Uttar Pradesh who was working as migrant workers in Kerala.

The police team led by Sajan Philip reaches a border village on the outskirts of UP- Haryana border. A police team from Kerala gets the assistance of the local police to arrest the criminals from a notorious village in UP  that has a history of violence against police.

The director and his team were successful in capturing the underdeveloped villages of the UP landscape.

The movie shows the risks involved in the investigation of the case and in the climax scene, the audience will be at empathy with the police team who have to risk even their lives to solve a case. The patience, adaptation, diplomacy, and balance of the police team are well portrayed in the movie with Asif Ali bringing out a brilliant performance as CI Sajan Philip the head of the investigation team.

The movie is however slow and at times even though each and every actor played their characters beautifully, the chemistry between them seems to be waning at times. Also, the high expectations of a Rajeev Ravi movie were a bit letdown may be due to the intricacies in the investigation and for the movie not showing many action sequences.

Rajeev Ravi has done justice to the movie even though the director taking a different line may not have risen to the expectations of the masses like his earlier movies like Kammatti Padam.

Cinematographer Suresh Rajan did a brilliant job behind the camera and  Sreejith Divakaran has done a beautiful script with a professional touch. A journalist turned scriptwriter, Sreejith has woven the thread into an excellent script along with real-life police officer, Sibi Thomas whose real-life experience is the crux of the movie.

Dawn Vincent complements the feeling of the movie but at times it seems to be all over. The film is interesting to watch and a clean movie.