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AirAsia India deploys taxibot at Bengaluru airport

- June 10, 2022

New Delhi, Jun 10

 AirAsia India has started using taxibot, a vehicle that helps a plane to move between parking stand and runway without running engines, at the Bengaluru international airport, a statement said on Friday.

The airline had on November 23 last year started using taxibot to tow two modified A320 planes at the Delhi international airport.

“AirAsia India today flagged off the commencement of taxibot operations at Bengaluru international airport, following successful trials and subsequent implementation at Delhi international airport,” the airline’s statement noted.

Taxibot is a semi-robotic towbarless aircraft movement equipment that tows an aircraft from the terminal gate to the take-off point (taxi-out phase) and returns it to the gate after landing (taxi-in phase). The aircraft engines remain shut when the taxibot is in operation.

AirAsia India has tied up with KSU Aviation, the exclusive operator of the taxibot in India.

“In addition to driving the adoption of sustainable aviation, taxibot leverages technology to drive differentiation and efficiency in operations, leading the way forward for a cleaner and greener ecosystem.” said Sunil Bhaskaran, MD and CEO, AirAsia India.