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Frank Grillo signed for action spy-thriller ‘MR-9’ based on Bangladeshi novel

- June 11, 2022

Los Angeles, June 11

American actor Frank Grillo, who is known for his work in ‘Captain America’, ‘The Purge’ and ‘Copshop’, will be soon seen in the action movie titled ‘MR-9’, the shooting for which will soon begin in the US and Bangladesh, reports ‘Deadline’.

Writer-director Asif Akbar’s spy action-thriller is based on the popular Masud Rana novels written by late novelist Qazi Anwar Hussain. Plot details are being kept under wraps but we understand Grillo will play the nemesis of secret agent Rana – code name MR-9 – of the Bangladesh Counter Intelligence Agency.

‘Deadline’ further states that the screenplay for the film has been adapted by Akbar, Aziz and Nazim Ud Daula from the first novel ‘Masud Rana: Dhonghsho Pahar’, originally published in 1966. Hussain published 550 novels published in the series, which is influenced by the James Bond franchise.

Bangladeshi production company Jaaz Multimedia, LA-based Al Bravo Films and MR-9 Films have joined forces to get the film into production. Producers are Al Bravo, Hemdee Kiwanuka, Colin Bates, Akbar, Philip Tan and Abdul Aziz with executive producers Niko Foster, Peter Nguyen and Phillip B. Goldfine.

In addition, Grillo is starring in upcoming Lionsgate film ‘Paradise Highway’ alongside Morgan Freeman, who is known for his godly voice, and also in Ambi Pictures biopic ‘Lamborghini’, playing founder Ferruccio Lamborghini.