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TN Police crack down on loan sharks continue several arrested

- June 12, 2022

Chennai, June 12 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu police continue its crackdown against the loan sharks in the state under ‘Operation Kandhuvatti’ after a police constable attached to the Armed forces battalion committed suicide after he was harassed by a woman money lender

On Sunday, police arrested 3 loan sharks and registered cases against 11 people.

Tamil Nadu Director General of Police, C. Sylendra Babu has ordered a crackdown on usury after Selvakumar, constable of Armed Police battalion at Bhuvanagiri in Cuddalore district after being harassed by a woman money lender.

Police arrested 116 money lenders in 77 cases in several districts and conducted raids at 39 residences. Property documents that were taken as security were seized by the police and handed over to the affected borrowers.

During the raids blank signed papers of the borrowers were seized. Police said that money lenders were squeezing borrowers by imposing exorbitant interest rates. The name of the interest rates, according to police is ‘meter vatti’, ‘dina vatti’,’ kandhuvatti’ etc.

The Tamil Nadu police have warned all the loan sharks that they would face stringent action against those who are squeezing ordinary people who have taken money out of necessities and driving them to suicide.