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G.K. Vasan demands TN government set up special courts for  POCSO cases

- June 27, 2022

Chennai, June 27 (BPNS)

Tamil Manila Congress leader and former Union Minister, G.K. Vasan has demanded Tamil Nadu government set up special courts for dealing with Prevention of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act cases. The TMC leader said that the state government had promised setting up special courts for POCSO cases in four districts but is yet to materialize.

There were media reports that even as the government had announced a year ago that four special POCSCO courts would be set up at Dindigul, Dharmapuri, Theni, and Tiruvallur districts to handle POCSO cases.

The former Union minister said that a delay in setting up these special courts for POCSO cases would lead to high pendency in cases and result in victims not getting justice.

In a statement on Monday, G.K. Vasan said that the state government must create an environment wherein women and children are safe from sexual harassment. He however said that the number of sexual assault cases is on the rise and that the government must immediately solve this issue.

The Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) said that repeatedly going to courts would lead to financial loss to the victims and their families and the affected children and the families would have a feeling that justice was not being given at the right time.

The former union minister called for the Tamil Nadu government to sternly deal with sexual harassment cases.