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Video of dramatic arrest of two Udaipur murder accused goes viral

- June 29, 2022

Jaipur, June 29 (BPNS) 

The video of the dramatic arrest of two accused in Udaipur tailor’s murder namely, Ghaus Mohammad and Riyaz Jabbar, from Bhima area of Rajsamand district, is going viral on the social media.

The event of the capture of these killers is quite dramatic. Both tried their best to escape, but eventually got caught in the trap laid by the police. The video which has surfaced on social media shows that as soon as the accused were caught, the police thrashed them black and blue.

The sequence of arrest of these criminals starts from a police hunt for the accused.

Rajsamand police received information that both accused had fled on a bike towards Bhim-Devgarh area. Their location was immediately traced. The area outside Dak Bungalow on National Highway-8 was blocked.

Seeing the police here, the two accused entered Bhim-Devgarh. Riding on their bike, they escaped through the town and came on the highway in front of the college via Badnore intersection.

From here they were going towards Ajmer when the Bhima town police, chasing the accused, caught both of them at Adawala turn around 6.30 p.m.

As soon as the information of both of them being near Rajsamand came, the SP left Udaipur on a bike wearing a helmet and reached Bhim-Devgarh area of Rajsamand. The police of Udaipur and adjoining districts were active since the incident. Barricading was set up to check all the vehicles. A total of ten police teams were on the chase for the killers.

Soon after seeing the police, both the accused — Ghaus Mohammad and Riyaz Jabbar started running, but were caught on the road. The police beat them black and blue on the road using kicks, punches and sticks, grabbed their hair and put them in the car.