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South India’s first transperson Rotary club to focus on education of trans people

- July 1, 2022

Chennai, July 1 (BPNS)

South India’s first Rotary club for transpersons which was formed at Coimbatore will focus on education of trans persons and has already commenced pursuing admission for six trans persons who have approached the club.

The Rotary club for transpersons launched at Coimbatore on Thursday is the second Rotary club for transpersons in the country, the first one at Bhubaneswar in Odisha.

 A.    Dhanishka who is the trustee of the first South Indian Rotary club for Transpersons in a statement to the media said, “ When a person realizes that they are transgender, they come out of their home due to family pressure. This affects their education and the Rotary club of transpersons will focus on providing them higher education and also secure them jobs.” Dhanishka also said that they have identified six transpersons who wanted to pursue higher education.

The transgender leader also said that some colleges have come forward to provide admission to these students. Dhanishka added that the club will also support non- transpersons who require assistance and support.