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DMK leader T.R. Baalu lashes out against TN Governor on origin of Dravidians.

- July 11, 2022

Chennai, July 11 (BPNS)

Senior leader of the DMK and former Union Minister, T. R. Baalu has lashed out against the Tamil Nadu Governor, R.N. Ravi, and said that he does not know anything about Dravidian origin.

He said that the Tamil Nadu governor is ‘scared’ of the term Dravidian and said that he was exposed to this matter through the speech he had delivered at a function in Vellore on Sunday.

T.R. Baalu said that the governor while speaking at the 216 anniversary of Sepoy had stated that the Aryans and Dravidians were concepts based on geographical divisions. He also said that the division was done by the British as part of the divide and rule policy. The governor had also said that it had nothing to do with racial identity.

T. R. Baalu said that the present governor of Tamil Nadu was unlike his predecessors who had never made any controversial statements. The senior DMK leader said that the terminology Dravidian had existed much before the British invasion which started in 1600 BC. He said that there were hundreds of books written about the origin of Aryans and Dravidians and asked the governor to read a few books on the subject to acquire knowledge on the same.

Baalu also said that the term Dravidian is found in Mahabharatha, Manu Dharma also, and asked the governor to have a knowledge of history.