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Establish toilets for women at every 5 km distance: Goa MLA

- July 18, 2022

Panaji, July 18 (BPNS) 

Goa Forward Party MLA Vijai Sardesai on Monday demanded establishing toilets at every 3 to 5 km distance for women to reduce risk of urinary tract infection.

“Women commission should direct the Public Works Department to establish toilets at every 3 to 5 km distance. Nowadays women who travel don’t drink water because there are no toilets. Even if they are there (at some places) they are not clean. Because of this urinary tract infection happens,” Sardesai said in the assembly session.

According to him, women travel across Goa for work and other things, but find no toilets on the way, hence they avoid drinking water.

“The government should establish toilets for women every 3 to 5 km. While the government boasts of new airports, bridges and Raj Bhavan, they have lost sight of simple needs of Goan women, who find everyday travel in Goa traumatic,” Sardesai said.

“This is a simple issue, but the government should take it very seriously,” Sardesai said.