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Mullaperiyar dam safe, Stalin to Pinarayi

- August 9, 2022

Chennai, Aug 9(BPNS)

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin in a letter addressed to the Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday assured that the Mullaperiyar dam which is geographically in Kerala but operated by Tamil Nadu was safe.

Stalin in a reply to an earlier letter sent by Kerala Chief Minister on 5th August 2022 informed that flood regulation of the dam is being as per the Rule Curve and Gate Operation schedule approved by the Central water commission in February 2021.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said that the inflow to the dam in the first week of August was moderate and the rainfall in the catchment area of the dam was comparatively lesser than the rainfall in the downstream areas of the dam.

He said that when the water level was 136 feet at 7 pm on August 4, the field officers of Tamil Nadu had informed the Kerala counterparts by 7.40 pm itself of the possibility of opening the spillway gates on August 5th.

Stalin said that this was done in anticipation of future inflows and that the information was also passed on to the District Collector, Idukki. He said that the spillway shutters were opened on August 5th and from then onwards the spillway discharge was stepped up incrementally and avoided sudden releases. He said that as of August 8th at 7 am, the water level of the dam stood at 138.85 feet and the average inflow was 6942 cusecs, with a spillway discharge of 5000 cusecs, and added that this was done in total conformity with the approved Rule Curve.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister in the letter informed the Kerala Chief Minister that the dam management team of his state was focused on the precautionary measures to be taken on time in ensuring the safety of the people residing downstream of the Mulla Periyar Dam.

He also said that the officers involved in the dam management were directed to regularly and continuously communicate with the officers of Kerala.