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Tiruppur dyeing units demand subsidy for power supply to effluent plants

Chennai, Aug 9 (BPNS)

The dyeing units of Tiruppur have called for a fifty percent subsidy for power supply to Common Effluent Plants as the state power utility Tangedco has proposed a revision in power tariff charges.

The district has 360 dyeing units with 60 large units having Individual Effluent Treatment Plants (IETP) and the rest have Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP).

Small dyeing units are not in a position to operate Individual Effluent Treatment Plants as it requires capital costs, specialized manpower to maintain and operate it, and power charges. This leads to effluents from several dyeing units being brought to a centralized unit for treatment and the expenses for maintenance and operation are shared by participating units.

An owner of a dyeing unit in Tiruppur who is using the services of Common Effluent Treatment Plants, R. Murugaswamy, while speaking to BPNS said, “ The Tangedco announcement of revision in power tariff will lead to closing down of several units.  We depend heavily on power for effluent treatment and hence we need a minimum of fifty percent subsidy for the power supplied to the Common Effluent Treatment Plants.”

Individual Effluent Treatment Plant units are also seeking subsidies and several units said that if the power is hiked as proposed by the Tangedco, then it would mean death bells to these units.

P. Sengottuvel who is the partner of Sivasakthi Threads while speaking to BPNS said, “ it is to be noted that dyeing is an essential part of the cotton and yarn industry and it is now a part of the manufacturing set up.  We have an effluent treatment plant that processes 3 tonnes of effluent every day. We have an HT transformer (250 KVA) and we have to pay a demand charge of Rs 350 per KVA now Tangedco has proposed an increase to Rs 600 per KVA. We demand that we are given a subsidy as effluent treatment is part of the environment-friendly process.”

T. K. Madhusudhanan, association leader of dyeing units while speaking to BPNS said, “ The dyeing units are working for zero chemical discharge which is a need of the hour as far as ecological balance and environment are concerned and in the process, we demand a fifty percent subsidy in the power connections to our units. Power consumption is high for these units and without a subsidy, we may not be able to survive.”

It is to be noted that the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission has called for a hearing of complaints and grievances regarding Tangedco’s new proposal, the dyeing unit owners are approaching the commission hearing for getting a favorable response.