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VCK to conduct protest of August 13 alleging Dalit’s being targeted in Kallakurichi

Chennai, Aug 11 (BPNS)

The Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK), the Dalit political party has said that it would conduct protest marches on August 13 alleging that the police were targeting Dalits in the Kallakurich incident of July in which a private school was ransacked and school buses and police vehicles torched after a Class XI girl student jumped to death from the s school hostel.

VCK founder leader and Member of Parliament, Thol Thiruvamavalan said that the party would conduct a protest on August 13 and urged the law enforcement agencies including police to conduct the investigation into the incidents in a proper and correct manner. In a statement on Thursday, the VCK leader said that certain policemen who are investigating the case are sidetracking the probe and leveling charges against Dalit youths.

He charged that a caste outfit was working in close association with the police and was pointing out gullible Dalit youths and felicitating their arrests. Thol Thiruvamavalan said that the violence has been turned into a discussion point and several youths are being taken into police custody.

The VCK leader said that the police in the guise of the investigation were turning the probe into a farce and several Dalit youths and their families were being targeted. He said that policemen were arresting people after making sure of their caste and that instead of investigating the reasons behind the suicide of the girl student, the policemen were targeting Dalit youths and their families. 

He added that the VCK would conduct strong protest marches across the state and that on August 13, the march will be peaceful.