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Tanks in Ramanathapuram filled up as water inflow in Vaigai river increases

- September 5, 2022

Chennai, Sept 5 (BPNS)

Heavy rains in Madurai and other parts of Southern Tamil Nadu have led to an increase in water flow in Vaigai river. The officials of the Water Resources department of Tamil Nadu have taken measures to divert this water to minor irrigation tanks in Ramanathapuram district. This is the first time in the last five years that water from Vaigai river is diverted to minor tanks or small irrigation tanks.

However, farmers have called upon authorities of the water resources department and the Agriculture ministry for releasing water through canals for storing in the RS Mangalam tank. They state that water has to be stored in smaller irrigation tanks and major tanks like in Ramanathapuram instead of being released into the Ocean.

Sources in the Ramanathapuram district administration told BPNS that the bunds of the canals are being strengthened so that water is flowing freely. The district administration is taking measures to prevent any breach of water through the canal and has even made small channels to divert water into the nearby canals.

The major tank at Ramanathapuram or the Periyakanmai has already touched the maximum level of 6 ft and water from it is being diverted to 8 minor tanks within Ramanathapuram municipality.

The District Revenue Officer of Ramanathapuram district, A.M. Kamatchi Ganesan told BPNS that most of the water from Vaigai is being diverted into tanks.”

Farmers are also happy as they can easily take up Samba cultivation as the water levels in almost all the tanks of Ramanathapuram and Madurai area are full due to incessant fires.